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We care!

Here at WKW.automotive, social engagement is not an empty phrase, we really care!


As an internationally active company it matters to us that we take social responsibility, not only within our company but also outside of it.


For example, in Wuppertal we promote young talent. As an active member of an automotive business roundtable we organize the yearly “Bergisch Education Prize”. Only those companies which promote young talent can attract competent employees in tomorrow’s marketplace.


So what else do we do? We’ve created a very popular tradition whereby instead of giving Christmas gifts to our business partners, in the time leading up to the holidays we support regional projects or institutions that offer targeted help to disadvantaged children and youth.



VFKV, e.V. - aid society for mentally ill children, Wuppertal

Friends of the Nordpark School (Förderverein der Schule am Nordpark e.V.)
Soroptimist Hilfswerk SI Club Heiligenhaus-Velbert



VFKV, e.V. - aid society for mentally ill children, Wuppertal

LVR special education school, Wuppertal

• 8samkeit, Wuppertal

• Mit-Menschen Wuppertal e.V. - association for people with disabilities, Wuppertal

• Not neben Dir! on-site children’s aid, Velbert

„Am Brangenberg" childrens home, Velbert