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The WKW Unternehmens-Akademie GmbH

Challenges shape our personal and professional lives every day. We all try to prepare ourselves as best we can, by graduating school, studying, or learning a vocation. In any case we are continuously learning and training further.


WKW.automotive needs competent employees in order to successfully withstand the stormy seas of the automobile industry. However we don’t only want to get by, but actively create the future. We are very aware that this can only happen when our valuable assets and our employees work to reach this ambitious goal.


And exactly this awareness is what allowed us to take on the idea to found the WKW Unternehmens-Akademie GmbH. We want to lead you and ourselves into a successful future in which appreciation and respect have their due importance. We want to encourage your skills and abilities and support your development within our company group. In doing so, we meet you exactly where you are.