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IDE.AL – Ideas management of WKW.automotive.

The goal of ideas management is to inspire all employees to enhance their business thoughts  and actions, to contribute through offering suggestions, to get work done in a more economical manner, to make things easier, to lower costs, to improve environmental protection and work safety and to promote cooperation.


Ideas management is based on the responsibility of leaders to mobilize the potential of
employees’ ideas.


We look forward to your suggestions, ideas, and cooperation.


How is it done? Very simply: either fill out and send in online here or download the entire attached form and send to Anja Hossfeld, WKW Unternehmens-Akademie GmbH, through interoffice mail. You can also find the forms through your supervisor or factory security service.


And now it’s time to let ideas bubble - that would be IDE.AL!


WKW Erbsloeh North America, LLC.
103, Parkway East

Pell City, AL 35125


Daniela Cook

phone +1 205 338 4242 

fax      +1 205 338 4254

  • Application sheet for Ideas.xlsOnline document to be completed and emailed, placed in suggestion box , turned into supervisor or turned into Daniela Cook.80 KB