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Casting and Spray Forming


Our extrusion presses require extrusion billets in different diameters for the large variety of shape dimension.


WKW.extrusion offers two production routes for extrusion billets:


  • DC-casting of billets in our energy-saving remelting plants, in which selected raw materials are refined for specific applications. Both of our remelting plants produce homogenized extrusion billets in multiple aluminum alloys and dimensions. Specialties are our Alminox®.alloys for cosmetic anodizing applications and the corrosion resistant AlMn-alloys for CAB brazing of Heat Exchangers.  

  • Spray forming of extrusion billets in protective atmosphere to produce high-performance DISPAL® alloys. The atomizing and rapid solidification of special alloys results in a homogenous texture even with hypereutectic alloys, whose physical properties (e.g CTE)  exeed those of conventional aluminum alloys by far. Spray forming is now handled by GETEK GmbH in Germany and France.