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Shining solutions - shining results

As far as diverse surfaces go, WKW.automotive shines with the most experience. Whether matte or high-gloss, powder-coated or anodized - we fulfill very specific customer wishes.


There are various options available for the surface finishing of mechanically machined parts, in particular electrochemical glossing and anodizing. Through various processing methods - according to material or alloy - a surface from high-gloss to matte, from naturally-colored to black aluminum can be achieved. The pretreatment (grinding, polishing, patterning) can play an essential role here. The foundation for a high-gloss finish is always, as mentioned, the starting material. ALMINOX® profiles deliver unbeatable surface quality.


Further surface finishing possibilities are on the one hand powder coating, and on the other hand high-gloss coating including pretreatment.