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Aluminum for cars - inside and out.

If design components are to be coupled with the functional requirements of structural elements, aluminum is quite simply the ideal solution.This material can be used in decorative and functional components, as well as in complex roof railing systems. Through the high-gloss surface finish of anodized or painted strips, the vehicles get a dynamic design line which fully reflects the Zeitgeist.


Our company group offers a unique complete program - from alloying the material to casting and extrusion of semi-finished products right up to mechanical processing and surface finishing.


Our competence in the use of aluminum also applies under the hood. Engine components made of the high performance aluminum material DISPAL® such as

• Cylinder liners

• Oil pump wheels

• Connecting rods

• Bearing blocks

• Inlet valves

find many uses in a diverse range of luxury vehicles.


Our heat exchanger profiles are used under the hood as well, for example

• Condenser and evaporator profiles like manifolds for vehicle air conditioning

• Drive train cooling 

• Electric mobility cooling solutions