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Product diversity in the highest perfection.

Automotive functional and
decorative elements 

• A-, B-, C-, and D-pillar panels

• Complete greenhouse profiles 

• Window bars 

• Board trim strips

• Door trim strips 

• Water deflectors 

• Roof strips

• Entry sills


Roof railling systems 

engine components

• Cylinder liners

• Oil pump wheels

• Connecting rods

• Bulkheads

• Inlet valves


heat exchangers

• Micro-multiport and Multiport tubing

• Spacer strips
• Collector tubes
• Special profiles
• Applications are, for example, vehicle and building air conditioning, industrial process cooling, alternative energies, commercial refrigeration

Automotive structural components

• Front Roof Frames for convertibles

• Convertible rear window trims


Automotive Hood components

• Roof trims for hardtops

• Fabric retaining bows

• Holding bar wind protection

• Scanning mirrors



• Aluminum profiles in every imaginable design with precisely implemented Qualities

• Hand grips

• Stretch-bent Profile arcs for glass showers

• Speaker elements


Semi-finished products


fancy sheet metal