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Welcome to purchasing at WKW.automotive!

Together with our suppliers we are responsible for making sure our products and services satisfy the new demands of our customers.


The cooperation with our company group is therefore based on the systematic development of strategic suppliers who get involved in our challenging projects early on. The associated supplier development offers suppliers reliable growth prospects as well as long-term, trusting business relationships based on partnership.


Our purchasing portfolio is diverse.


We need suppliers and service providers in many areas. Within the group of materials we have put together an overview of the most important product requirements.


You can get the general requirements in our download center. You can submit detailed questions in written form to

Raw materials

• Aluminum master alloy
• Raw aluminum

• Plastic granulate

• Steel strip

Metal parts

• Stamped parts
• Pressure die-casting parts
• Turned parts
• Cold extrusion press parts



Auxiliary and operating materials

• Polishing paste
• Polishing rings
• Chemicals

External processing/subcontracting

• Surface coating
• Surface treatment
• Anodization
• Mechanical processing
• Assembly

Miscellaneous requirements

• Technical facilities/systems/devices/tools
• Services
• Maintenance and repair
• Cargo/transport
• Packaging