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Other Requirements

Technical Facilities/Devices/Tools

Capital assets in the special machinery sector, CNC machining centers, robotic polishing facilities, enamelling facilities.



Maintenance cleaning, machine cleaning, the maintenance of open areas in the facility, winter road maintenance, security services, waste disposal, forklift maintenance and repair.



Electrical work, locksmith services, construction and building work, air conditioner maintenance, gate system maintenance, security systems, maintenance of special machines.


Cargo and Transport

Our service providers must meet diverse requirements in the area of logistics and transport. At this point we’d like to give forwarders, courier, parcel and express delivery service providers a glimpse into our freight volume and the associated requirements. Our incoming and outgoing freight is transported overland, by air and by sea.


Important documents and samples via express delivery. Pallets, crates, special containers and long material racks as general cargo, partial and complete loads also as special delivery, sea freight FCL/LCL and air freight. At WKW.automotive companies, everything is possible. We are interested in long-term contracts with our partners.



Special containers and long material racks made of metal, plastic packaging (eg. EPP foam containers and EPP inserts), wood crates and pallets  for national and international transport, corrugated packaging (eg. cartons, fanfold corrugated cardboard, ridges, dividers), inner packaging (eg. bee board, PE foam film, bubble wrap), corrosion protection, packing paper, paper jam sacks, as well as packaging accessories.