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Finishing - aluminum processing from the very start

Aluminum stands in the foreground of the Erbslöh AG finishing facilities, and has since this material was first industrialized.


We are committed to the highest quality of products and comprehensive know-how of this timeless material. Trims and toolbars are produced for nearly every automobile manufacturer worldwide, not only in our various subsidiaries and affiliated companies but also in our Velbert finishing plant.

Through our specialized experience in surface finishing, we make entirely new applications for aluminum extruded profiles possible in the Erbslöh AG finishing facility.


Semi-finished products for demanding trim and functional parts are processed based on state-of-the-art technologies. The entire area of machining and non-cutting forming, combined with innovative production methods, can be found in this unit. Our products then pass through a mechanical and chemical surface treatment which allows for finished products which meet the highest quality standards. Our processed surfaces bring out not only creative and optical features, but they also protect against corrosion as well as mechanical damage and increase the resistance of the material.

With our expertise - particularly in surface finishing and mechanical processing - we can provide entirely new applications for extruded aluminum profiles in the finishing operation of Erbslöh AG.


Based on latest technologies, semi-finished products are processed into sophisticated decorative and functional strips. The whole area of machining and non-cutting shaping, together with innovative manufacturing methods, can be found in this unit. After this stage, our products pass through mechanical and chemical surface treatment, providing finished products that meet highest quality standards. However, our finished surfaces are not only creative and set optical highlights; they also protect against corrosion as well as mechanical damages, thus increasing the stability of the material.