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Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH

Aluminum - our passion

Since aluminum was first industrialized nearly 120 years ago, we here at WKW.extrusion have been gathering know-how and expertise, which grows day by day. We follow our customers with creativity and innovation, supporting and advising them in the realization and implementation of their product ideas. We are their partner, adviser  and manufacturer - from alloy development up to the end product.

Contact - Europa

Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH
Siebeneicker Straße 235

42553 Velbert


phone +49 2053 95-1200 

fax     +49 2053 95-2200


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Contact - North America

Bowers Manufacturing Company, Inc.
6565 S Sprinkle Road
Portage MI 49002-9717


phone +1 800 669 9114



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