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Haute couture in aluminum

Sophisticated industrial products for diverse applications are produced and marketed at this Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH facility.


Our machine park:

• Bending (3 roll benders)

• Mechanics (CNC processing center, stamping, sawing)

• Polishing/scrubbing/grinding (polishing robots, long polishing machines, polishing blocks, scrubbing and grinding machines)

• Anodization and electrolytic/chemical gloss polishing


When used in the sanitation industry, glossy aluminum profiles give items a finish according to the latest designs. Not only that, but this facility processes optically demanding casings using ALMINOX® semi-finished products for a variety of prominent name brand consumer electronics using ALMINOX® semi-finished products.


Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH, Werk Hemer

Hönnetalstraße 291
58675 Hemer


Phone +49 2372 9687 - 0
Fax +49 2372 9687 - 77