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Gebr. Wasserloos GmbH

Tradition and know-how

The story of the Wasserloos company from Velbert in the greater Düsseldorf area goes back to 1917. What began with sheet metal forming for the manufacture of door locks, lead to building highly specialized tools for automobile manufacturing.


Since the beginning of the 1960s, Gebr. Wasserloos GmbH has been consistently oriented towards tool construction for automobile manufacturing. A long and dynamic period of time in wherein developed a predominant trend which the Wasserloos company supported and successfully helped carry from the very beginning: the tendency toward diversification in the range of models culminating in defining new classes of vehicles, providing for each of their special requirements as far as materials and parts used. Requirements which change and the customer specifications that go along with them - these are the standards by which Wasserloos measures its performance. Geb. Wasserloos GmbH has belonged to WKW.automotive since 2013.


Gebr. Wasserloos GmbH
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