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A competent and reliable partner

Gebr. Wasserloos has been a reliable partner for WKW.automotive for decades, especially in the special tools sector, and has extensive expertise in this area. Together we master the technical production challenges which are especially demanded by our high-gloss surface trims. Considering the dimensions of manufactured transfer and progressive tools, these reach a length of up to about 6 meters (approx. 19.5 feet) and a mass of 40 tons. The classics are punching tools for structural and external building components.


One example of a special application are the floatforming tools. Highly complex tools, which combine a variety of processing steps, are a speciality of Wasserloos. Prior to delivery, these tools are brought to series production in-house on an 800 ton press with a table surface of 5,000 x 2,500 Millimeters.