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Complexity and processing safety

Considering the dimensions of manufactured transfer and progressive tools, these reach a length of up to about 6 meters (approx. 19.5 feet) and a mass of 40 tons. Punching tools for structural and external building components are the classics. One particular speciality is highly complex tools which combine a variety of processing steps.

Prior to delivery, these tools are brought to series production in-house on an 800 ton press with a table surface of 5,000 x 2,500mm.


Utmost importance is given to process safety. Our tools ensure a consistent quality throughout the entire lifecycle of the type of products made with them. How long this time span might be or however long ago the tool was manufactured: we always assume revision and also reproduction when needed.


Small-batch production on request


We also even undertake production assignments: typically for vehicles in the top premium segment, which are built in manageable quantities. The entire process chain is carried out in-house. Of course we can deliver at the desired time, directly to the production unit within the automobile factory, without fail right on time.