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Hillebrand Erbslöh Oberflächen GmbH

Working together towards outstanding results

Know-how in the area of surfaces is a complex issue. So what could make more sense than joining forces with competent partners in order to present the customer with even better performance and products? That’s why, in 2007, Erbslöh AG started just such a cooperative partnership with the long-established company Rudolf Hillebrand GmbH & Co. KG, from Wickede Ruhr.


At Hillebrand Erbslöh Oberflächen GmbH, likewise located in Wickede Ruhr, matte powder is applied to the WKW.automotive range of products, including all necessary pretreatments. Only a process which is adapted to the ground, the parts geometry and other specifications makes possible a consistently high quality. Matte powder surfaces are applied in a brand new powder facility using state-of-the-art technology and as always taking our great responsibility to the environment into special consideration.


A special challenge is high-gloss black parts, which are subjected to particular strains: they need to remain glossy, colorfast, resistant to stains, dirt, scratches and corrosion - and all this in every climate in the world!


CeramHEO 3000 was developed specifically for this purpose: by using this treatment, the deep black gloss is maintained throughout the vehicle’s life cycle. Even before the vehicle reaches its new owner, the surface proves itself to be especially strong and scratch-resistant in the everyday operations of assembly, handling and transport.


Amazing results which speak for themselves.



Hillebrand Erbslöh Oberflächen GmbH

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