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WKW Unternehmens-Akademie GmbH

Towards a successful future with appreciation and respect

WKW Unternehmens-Akademie, which was founded on June 1st, 2014, handles the further education of our employees in our company group,

and more.


The extensive seminar program distinguishes itself by customizing the entire spectrum of education on offer specifically to the needs of our company group and the automotive supplier industry. Coaching, seminars, and talks from the WKW Unternehmens-Akademie are held in our training center in Velbert, which was expressly created for this purpose.


WKW Unternehmens-Akademie GmbH

Hahnerberger Str. 32

42349 Wuppertal



Siebeneicker Straße 235

42553 Velbert


phone +49 2053 95-1249

phone +49 2053 95-2249


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