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We know processing

There is a wide range of processing possibilities available in the area of mechanical finishing of extruded semi-finished products, depending on the customer’s wishes and requirements for the end product.


We carry out every in-house machining process responsibly. Specially engineered machines, which are designed in our technology center, are the heart of our mechanical processing. We’re especially proud of our extensive know-how in the area of non-cutting processing; stretch bending. Even complex cross sections can be bent up to the limits of forming while retaining all necessary parameters.


What’s special about WKW.automotive’s products is the brilliant surface finish. By polishing and then anodizing -the core competencies of our company group- design elements that give vehicles contour and style are created from semi-finished aluminum. In the final assembly before our products are delivered to auto manufacturers, they get the components necessary to guarantee precision fit in the door, window and roof areas.